Celebration and Silence

There is always an element of sadness in celebration.
We cannot celebrate without alluding to it, because there
are people on this earth of ours who are not celebrating,
who are despairing, anguished, starving and mourning.
That is why all celebration should end with a silence in
which we remember before God all those who cannot
celebrate and who are in pain today.
— Jean Vanier

This morning, I reminded myself why I’m going through this:
It’s not for the conversation centerpiece.
It’s not for the networking.
It’s not for my parents.
It’s not for the money.

It’s for the three-year old child that went without food for the second straight day.
It’s for the mother who can’t afford to buy malaria nets for her babies.
It’s for the talking heads who need — who deserve — a challenge in how they do business.
It’s for the screaming voice in my head that reminds me of the need for justice.
It’s for fulfilling the purposes I believe God has set forth in my life.
It’s for taking probably the easiest step of what will become an arduous, yet exciting, journey.
It’s for realizing the journey has already begun.
It’s for knowing, without a doubt, that no school, institution, or program is allowed to tell me what I can’t do with my life.

It’s for giving those without hope a reason to celebrate. And it’s for realizing how small, how miniscule, of a role I play in that.

We all have our reasons for facing the challenge. What’s your reason?


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