Honey, The Doorbell’s Broken

It’s not a ding,
It’s not a dong,
And it’s certainly not a damn.

Waitlisted at the Alma Mater. I figured this was the best scenario with no interview.

[Thoughts? Yes, it’s better than a rejection. Now the strategery begins — what could make my application stand out? Should I make some M-shaped brownies? Perhaps bribe them with Michigan football tickets that I buy off a first-year student (“87th Row, c’monnnn!!!”)? Am I “aaaargh!”ing about any of this? Sure, it means another two months of waiting while falling in the thick of a LOT of deadlines and decisions. But it’s a lifeline after two months of impending doom. Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue. 🙂 ]


4 Responses to Honey, The Doorbell’s Broken

  1. asiangal says:

    Sorry to hear about the waitlist, but best of luck wooing them. =)

  2. chacha says:

    All the best wooing them.

  3. Kiran says:

    I’m actually in the same boat as you — my reaction after seeing the message this morning: “Whaaat…sigh.”

    Anyway, if you feel like talking to someone who is also trying to figure out what to do with this, or if its even worth it, let me know.

  4. mba_salsera says:

    Well you are a step ahead of me. I got the full on ding. But frankly, I was expecting it. I pretty much completed that application in two days and it showed. C’est la vie. Good luck on getting off that waitlist!

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