I Can be Lucid When People Know My Bizness

About twelve minutes before I left for the airport, my manager (no, not Captain Kangaroo, unless CK was a six-foot-five former basketball player) reviewed some of the main objectives for my trip overseas.  Fair enough.

Then, he dropped a grenade — problem was, I couldn’t tell if he had removed the pin or not: “So, I hear you may be leaving us this summer…”

Being a relatively new employee here, conversations regarding my future development have often been met not with reluctance, but a “wait a little longer” approach.  I’m sure I made some kind of triumphant entry when, only three months into my new position, I asked for a two-year leave of absence to go back to school (Ignorant? No, proactive!).  So I was obviously a little concerned that my little secret, now out in the open to the person who could squash me like Robot Jox bug, would be taken as an act of corporate betrayal.

Instead, our conversation was focused around the people that such information should be given to [and I tried to end that thought without a preposition; mulligan, please] and to keep him posted.  This morning, a second conversation affirmed that: he wanted to know about my ten-year plan; I said, in no short terms, “not engineering”, and he proceeded to describe some of the antics his social-venture-laden next door neighbor participated in.  No unequivocal support, no condemnation, just…“It’s good to know what you want to do.”

Oh, and I got a raise.

There’s something liberating about this kind of communication, and I think my opinion of said manager has slowly changed from “status unknown” to “a guy I’d have a beer with if he offered”.  It’s tough being in leadership, because often your employees, subordinates, whatever — their interests may not line up with the company’s, and a leader must be held accountable to his leadership, so on and so forth…

Regardless, it’s encouraging when you feel empowered, and although I don’t expect anyone at ULAC to jump through hoops to get me to the UN, I’m not being strapped to my lap….top. 


4 Responses to I Can be Lucid When People Know My Bizness

  1. anonymousMBA says:


  2. asiangal says:

    It’s always nice to have supportive bosses. Who wrote your recos if not your current boss though?

    Also, that link to that crazy DING frog video you left in my blog is absolutely NUTS! =)

  3. t-test says:

    Nice. Most my managers are moving from the “would have a beer with” catagory into somewhat lower status. One wrote my rec. to one school too (so knows) and is in the big vibe of (a) MBAs aren’t worth what they were 20 years ago (b) did you get an admit?

    If it wasn’t for the school being so keen on current managers recommending, I wouldn’t have this torture…

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hmmm..it’s interesting viewing this from a manager’s perspective. I’ve been on the other side, writing the recommendation letters for a former employee applying to an MBA program. It’s hard to hear that one of your people want to move on, but you also want the best for them, but you are scared what you will do with them gone…yeah, it’s a challenging thing to deal with as a manager. Sounds like your boss is taking the high road, which hopefully means your time at ULAC won’t be completely unbearable.

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