Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to Do Some Picture Pages

I’m not afraid of being Dooced by this, but I must confess: I work with someone who affectionately reminds me of Captain Kangaroo.

Anyway, it’s been a rough day here, despite the fact that m@’s Asian Invasion 2007 begins in less than 48 hours.  GirlyGirl’s Teach for America app came up sour, and apparently they don’t want to hire someone who has worked with children in multiple languages and situations, knows how to change diapers blindfolded, and once telekinetically wrestled a snowball from some playground ruffian’s hands. 

So while I was in the process of helping her lick her wounds (note: I really did NOT intend for this to go PG-13, but that might have done it), mainly because she had some on her elbow and it’s physically impossible to lick your elbow (ohhh!!!!), the knife that was lodged into her elbow mysteriously found itself located strategically at some place in my arm or leg: no scholarship from Duke.

[stop whining, m@!] 

At this point, it’s very very difficult to justify matriculating there.  ULAC(TM) is still mum on whether or not they’re going to reconsider funding it, yet I’m expected to still put in my 40 hours and provide them with the skills I gather in situ?  Typically, I’m comfortable with making sacrifices for the sake of someone else.  But we’re talking about a company with billions of dollars in revenue last year; isn’t my sacrifice worth….something? 

A word to the seeker: Cross-Continent is top-notch in what it does, mixing distance learning with on-site facilitation.  The faculty and staff are incredible people, and I had a wonderful experience communicating with them.  My interview was the antithesis of the typical b-skool interview: totally laid-back; my interviewer and I actually talked more about raising a family than “a challenging leadership experience”.  Unfortunately — and they’re candid about this — the scholarship opportunities are limited because, well, a good chunk of their students are getting some of the bill covered.  In hindsight, I’d recommend this program to someone who fits one of the following criteria:

  • Someone who has either company sponsorship (at least 50%).  Or a rich uncle.
  • OR someone who is willing to foot the bill but knows the company will reward him/her in the form of promotion, more opportunities, etc.
  • OR someone who is certain he/she will stay in this industry and doesn’t need the skills acquired through internships/Net Impact/etc. etc.

I’m zero-for-three on those.  I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a star-shaped hole sometimes, seriously.


One Response to Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to Do Some Picture Pages

  1. Jen-Jen says:

    Matty matt-

    Nice. Head up,l but it’s ok to whine. Don’t feel guilty about being disappointed. It’s aiight. However, it’s my friendship duty to say if you do it too much, I’ll kick your damn ass. Hahah. I decided what I’m going to do with my life. I’m going back to school to become a Physician’s Assistant. Yay!

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