Goal: Conduct Admissions Interview While At A Demolition Derby

A Bit of Housekeeping: You’ll notice I added an unofficial “I Broke My Lenten Sacrifice” Count to my B-skool status update.  This handy tool will keep track of how many times I’ve logged onto the B-Dub forums in a blinded stupor.  It also keeps track of how many times GirlyGirl has volunteered to punch me in the kidneys for said infraction.  I figured that simple penitence wasn’t enough to keep me accountable, so she was a willing assistant….anyway. 

So I’m going to Hong Kong/Shenzhen next week at the request of Unnamed Large Aerospace Company(TM).  Pretty nice request, I might add, but then I discovered that I need to get vaccinated.  Psh, you’re telling me that I, the self-proclaimed Walking Vitamin C Tablet*, need to get de-turded

“Momma, sharp things scare me!”

Ugh, fine.  While you’re at it, toss in a bit of morphine; I don’t sleep well on airplanes.  I mean, I can’t even sleep in my own bed for fourteen hours, let alone on a shiney tube hurtling through the sky at 527 mph. 

Anyway, it’s not the needles that bother me about my impending trip, nor the hours of “searching” I’ll likely encounter while slipping through Customs (“It’s a GUAVA.  High Vitamin C content…you think I trust that drug they shot into my arm?”).  It’s more of the optimistic hope that I will get my Ross interview, and that I will have to manipulate the Asian phone system — for the first time evereverever — in order to complete that 30-minute chit chat. 

I just reminisce about my Mexico experience in 2003, when every Thursday night I would call my parents from a dimly-lit street corner in downtown Aguascalientes.  It would be one of the most bizarre interviews in my short history if I had to conduct it from a payphone.  But maybe…hmmm, maybe this is advantageous on my side. Adapts well to challenging environments? CHECK!

(*Disclaimer: I don’t look like a Vitamin C tablet, but it would make for some fine, fiiiine stories to tell the grandkids.)


3 Responses to Goal: Conduct Admissions Interview While At A Demolition Derby

  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s a good thing GirlyGirl isn’t here to actually attack your kidneys. On second thought, I am her official representative, so if she needs me to punch you, I am more than willing to help out.

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