Well, At Least They Didn’t Get It After Typing “Miserable Failure”

Since WordPress gives me oodles of options to properly manage Rainierisms, I made a happy, skip-laden jaunt to my “Blog Stats” page.  There, I discovered a loverly sight: yes, I have a following!  More than nine dozen people read yesterday’s diatribe on….uh, oh, transportation [cursed short-term memory].  And it’s clear that my fame has reached that of Scott Bakula’s.

I have people to thank — many many people — but instead, I’ll defer and offer accolades to endorphins and my car.  You make me so verrrrrry, verrrrrry happy. 🙂

Anyway, one of the more intriguing statistics I noticed was the “Search Engine” stat, a listing of keywords that Googlers used to find my blog.  Example?  Suckup.  I was insulted and humored in a moment of paradoxical bliss, really, after noticing this stat — especially because stats don’t lie, foo’ — but then merely chalked it up to this post containing some B-Dub forum observations [disclaimer: If you find my characterizations of the BW bloggers offensive, ummm, sorry?  C’mon, there’s nothin’ like a little self-deprecation to get our minds off of the lack of/unnecessary abundance of interview invites.].

Anyway, I’m being watched now by at LEAST five or six people now.  I just hope I can live up to your expectations of snark that only Teh Internets can provide.

(P.S. I also found it very, very ironic that another search titled “Michigan Round 1 admits Class of 2009” led someone to my blog.  I’m flattered and hoping it was God who typed that in, typo and all [It’s Round 2. TWO!].)


2 Responses to Well, At Least They Didn’t Get It After Typing “Miserable Failure”

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