AdCom Loves You, AdCom Deserves a Valentine

At some point during this weekend in Ann Arbor, GirlyGirl made the Sign language equivalent of “two year-old” to affirm my behavior in lots of certain situations. 

Actually, most of the time I’m a relatively mature guy (*snicker*) and I know that she’s the only one that tolerates my random antics.  And February 14th is the supposedly-christened day for me to be thankful for that — although I think the fact that she usually lovingly punches me in the arm or says “awwww” after I again emit a throat-rocking belch during the hockey game is enough to make me want to send her flowers and snuggleys.

So as I wait here patiently for an interview invitation from someone — ANYONE — and the novelty of a Duke admit subsides (because in all honesty, unless I get some financial lovin’ from Unnamed Large Aerospace Company(TM), I don’t think Duke’s a viable option), I started forming some parallels between relationships and the b-skool application process.

To put it simply, it’s like skewed courtship:

1. Person A visits Person B and discovers all that Person B has to offer. 
2. During this visit, Person B basically says that the only way Person A can even consider dating him/her is by sending a letter and a sweet lil’ diamond ring/necklace/locket/dog collar.
3. Person A progresses to complete letter, also choosing to include two (or three) notes from friends claiming that Person A is a “swell guy”, a “fine old chap”, etc. etc.
4. Person A mails letter along with money.  Person B responds to notify Person A that he/she will think about it and contact Person A in a few months.
5. Person A becomes a nervous wreck, wondering about how life would be with/without Person B.  Person A refuses to ruffle Person B’s feathers…one slight step and he/she is back to square one.

6a. Person B finally replies.  Yes, Person A is the man/woman for him/her.  Person A is jubilant, looking forward to spending a considerable amount of time with Person B, as well as looking forward to spending incessant amounts of money on Person B.  Person A proceeds to send a letter to PostSecret.

6b. Person B finally responds.  After much thought and consideration, Person B has decided that Person A doesn’t fit his/her personality type, that his/her persona would be better off somewhere else.  Oh, and Person B’s keeping the ring/necklace/locket/dog collar because it looks good on him/her/it.  Person A proceeds to write a letter to PostSecret.

There’s something awfully masochistic about this, you know.  Fortunately, GirlyGirl is the Anti-Person B…she reminds me that, thank God, some relationships don’t operate like the application process.  And if you ever find yourself in a situation that mimics it, God rest your soul.


One Response to AdCom Loves You, AdCom Deserves a Valentine

  1. ipoel says:

    you are soo funny! You put your mba application in a very interesting tone 🙂 haha have you listed yourself in the mba blog list at opencoder or something?

    Anyway congrats on Fuqua!

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