If I DON’T Get In: The Perpetual Backup Plan

If you’re someone who knows me well, you realize that I only have two obsessions:

1. Sleeping with a blankie.
2. Having a backup plan.

Yes, the infamous backup plan served me well in 1987, when my brother and I were playing wall ball in our cluttered basement (usually this was a game oh-joyously executed at Pinedale High School’s “Red Monster” brick wall, due south of the swingsets and what I referred to as the “beatdown field”), and he chose to slam me head-first into one of our speaker cabinets.  Plan A was to jab his eyes out and bleed on him, Monty Python style.  I opted, instead, for Backup Plan: cry my eyes out on the way to the sink. 

So I thought it was fitting for me, while trolling through work today, to develop a contingency plan in case I don’t beat the odds at Michigan or Berkeley (Duke?  Jury’s still out.). 

I’m going out on a limb here and using a ranking that’s not very well-known among many aspiring b-school candidates, but is golden to the socially-conscious nerds like me.  According to Beyond Grey Pinstripes, these four schools will garner my attention in the 2008 cycle (I’ve also provided alternate school titles for, ya know, stuff and things):

1. Stanford

Also Known As: I can get away with $245 application fees because I’m…THAAAAAAT’S RIGHT.

The Harvard of the West, East, and Bay Area, Leland Stanford Sr. was kind enough to reject me as a wee lad undergrad applicant in 1999…and as I say, “you can’t get fooled again“.  My odds are incalculable!!

2. York 

Also Known As: Who?  Canada?  Peppermint Patty?

Schulich, located in the heart(?) of Toronto, pretty much is a microcosm of Canada and all little brothers worldwide — it really is fantastic if you stop looking at big brother.  Almost prettier, a little more rebellious…

3. ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas)

Also Known As: Si…Que Bueno…er, we teach in English here; do you know English?

These folks get high marks and the tuition is about 2/3ds that of most high-ranked American programs.  I learn Spanish gooder and live in Barcelona for two years.  Hmm, maybe I should defer. 🙂

4. Seattle Central Community College

Also Known As: Betcha can’t learn how to make a flan in business school, can ya….

I’d rather take cooking classes.  Seriously.


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