As Promised

What The Heyulllll I Want to Do:
A Series of Americanized 5-7-5 Haikus by m@

Rocket scientists
Get to play with log’rithms
Non-profit stuff, huh?

Rest ain’t what I need
But my heart aches at the sight
Of people hurting

Third-world struggles
Make my heart speed up like a
Wombat on steroids

Sometimes I will sing
And douse my fries in ketchup
Sorry, seemed to fit…

Jeffrey Sachs (the bomb)
Got me all stirred up about
Passion for the kids

Plus, I don’t think I
Make a good engineer, see
I have skills with girls!

Tearfund and others
Want to be like Michael J
And Clorox their skin

Er, I mean, they want
To help end poverty and
Other bad things, like lice

I want to consult
Them to help out their drive to
Smash poverty, pow

But lice is something
I’ve come to call my best friend
Makes my hair shiny

Oh, and I like planes
But most people in the world
Can’t afford to fly

I like to fly, but
That job’s for someone who likes
Math more than his mom

Ross, Haas, and Fuqua
All I’m asking for is a
High five and money

I promise that I
Won’t protest or anything
At least, not in class


One Response to As Promised

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