So since I’ve been plugging my blog in random nooks (what’s a nook?) and crannies (ahhhhh), I figured I’d temporarily stop making quips about this city.  After all, it may turn out that I only got to spend thirteen months here (yes, I’m a little sad, but I’m making it my duty to turn that frown upside down). 

Updates abound on my skools of choice!

Duke: Loads of dung hit the…yeah when I received a pseudo-bill from my company for $93,451 and change.  Yes, [Unnamed Large Aerospace Company(TM)] isn’t willing to pay for it, and they even mentioned the fact that the three other folks who did, uh, “shouldn’t have either”.  To summarize, I jotted down my third-person opinions on the subject:

Irony: When said dinosaur company, known for always doing things “the way it’s always been”, changes its policy from “the way it’s always been” and directly screws you, an employee frustrated with “the way it’s always been”, as a result.

So, meh.  I was kinda expecting to have to shell money out anyway, but I think I was really, really banking on the idea of staying in Seattle while jet-setting across the country every 2 months for my degree.  Alas.

So, I think my best bet is to wait for an admit (because, honestly, I think I’m more certain about getting non-dinged than my own gender.  Er…), then see what the possibility is of deferring for a year so I can apply to Fuqua full-time with a strong recommendation from the Cross-Continent folks.  That is, unless I receive a fuzzy-wuzzy from….

Michigan: Good Lord. B-Week and are pretty much the brainchild of a caged Man-Beast.  After figuratively chaining my recommender to his desk the day before the deadline (tough to do when he lives in Indiana, fo sho), I rested on post-deadline day (kinda like that post-Thanksgiving dinner feeling) and thought, “Eh, I’ll give them a month or so.”

THREE DAYS LATER, the BWaaaah forums are teeming with jubilant invites.  Yes, power to them, seriously.  But I totally caved and started responding like the bastard child of #2 and #3 (see previous post) — I should note that GirlyGirl confirmed that I act like that whenever I talk to her about the whole process.  My, that’s reassuring; I certainly wouldn’t want to be branded as a T.N. 🙂

So anyway, I’m heading back to A2 in February, and if the interview hello shows up in time, I’ll plan to meet ’em on campus.  GirlyGirl and I will be weddinging and hockeygameing on Saturday after my red-eye east (Northwest, you steal my luggage again and I zap you.)

Oh, yes!  Let’s not forget about…

Berkeley: I’m convinced I’m the dumbest person to apply to Haas. EVER.  The BWeeeeheheeee forums didn’t even perpetuate this — there’s just a whole heap of superstars in the brochures, the student ambassadors with whom I’ve talked….everyone.  I even broke their online app last week. 

But being in Berkeley…mmm.  Family nearby, get to stay on the BestCoast.  It’s enough to hang my hat on and enjoy the ride.  Out of all three schools, I felt as if I was able to flow the best into the cornucopia of short answers Haas requested.  I remember reading a statistic somewhere than less than 2% of applicants use the phrases “big-game hunter” and “I was in a rogue knife fight at Mount Rushmore” in their essays.  Deuce check!

Tomorrow: A post on What the heyullll I Wanna Do.


2 Responses to OOOPDAYYYTE

  1. Rebecca says:

    Forgetting the fact that half of your post was incomprehensible…yeah, don’t envy your situation. Would like to head down to said dinosaur company and give someone a piece of my mind. How dare they mess up my plans to chain you to Seattle and drag GirlyGirl here as well?

  2. bambino says:

    Interesting comments.. 😀

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