Let’s Pretend I’ve Been Here The Whole Time.

Admittedly, my blog’s banner may be a bit misleading — I am about as much of a “newcomer” to Seattle as Woody Allen is Billy Graham’s peer. I do have a valid excuse for my absence, although I was never allowed to use it as an excuse for the first 22 years of my life.

I never realized that a Christian university could be so demanding! But running through the first quarter of the MBA gauntlet was a rewarding experience, so much that I’m actually applying to other schools nationwide.  So, in order to provide a bit of comparison I thought I’d highlight some of the places my studies may take me, as well as effectively quashing any AdCom questions of just how well I know these fine, fine, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine institutions.

#1. University of California, Berkeley


  • Located in the only city where I can purchase, and summarily be both praised and berated for wearing, a shirt that says “Hippies Smell
  • Bay. Area. BayArea. Yumyumyum.
  • Famous alums make for great conversation.  William Hung, for one, tops my list.


  • Despite their opinion to the contrary, Californians don’t understand footbaw.  Exhibit A: Cal home game.

Where are the peeeeeople?

Notice the abundance of yellow. This should only be visible during overhead shots of the stadium.  In May.  When no footbaw is being ‘bawed.  To be discussed further.

  • Bay. Area. BayArea. $$$$$$$$$$$.
  • Cal is grossly overshadowed by that westward campus that houses a tree as its mascot.  Guess it’s tough to make a costume of a color.  Shoulda thought about that, Tree!

#2. Duke University


  • This program would keep me in Seattle while enjoying, albeit in one-week spurts, a traditional, normal four-season year.
  • Again, this would keep me in Seattle.  Hooray mountains and fish!
  • I hear there’s an opening for the “D” within the Cameron Crazies section.  Sign me up.


  • Weuuuullll….I’d be shelling out $300+ every eight weeks, my vacation time at work would be shot, and I’d be in Durham — Durham? — more than I’d normally want to be.
  • Football.  Wowee wow wow.
  • Sure, I wouldn’t have to quit my job, but I won’t be able to tap into the abundant well that is a top-ten business program to truly, truly explore all there is to offer. *smile*

#3. The University of Michigan — Ann Arbor


  • Hail! To the Victors Valiant
  • Hail! To the Con’quering Heroes
  • Hail! Hail! To Michigan, The Champions of the West!
  • Um, yeah. 🙂 Alma Mater.
  • Girly Girl is stationed nearby.


  • I may not get any studying done, as I’ll be in the midst of an abusive relationship with the footbaw team.
  • :: grumble grumble snow cold grumble ::

  • My classmates/teammates may not study so much because they’ll be mutually suffering through a similar abusive relationship with the basketbaw team.

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